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The New Darwin Awards – Death by Hoax

The irony is so thick, you can taste it. That the simple act of washing your hands and wearing a mask becomes the new Darwin Awards. How many times have I been in a public restroom in an airport or elsewhere, and seen people go to the bathroom and leave without washing their hands? How many times! So it’s really not hard to see why so many would fight wearing a mask, even just to go into a store.

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The Weakness of Fear

Rome takes aim at the fauxgressives making a mockery of the fight for social justice. These are the ubiquitous “Beckys” making a game of protests

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Hair of the Dog

The Myth of the Monolithic Latino Vote

There is a lot the Ango White American gets wrong with assumptions about the Latino voter, namely that its one big group and not diverse peoples and heritages. There’s also a misconception that Latino means “Brown” when many, in fact, consider themselves white. Dispelling the myths to bridge the divide.

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Hair of the Dog

Hair of the Dog welcomes Ryan Balch, Kenosha Witness

Ryan Balch was there the night Kyle Rittenhouse murmured civilians and even spoke to him beforehand. Ryan wants to set the record strait about what he and his ex military cohort was doing their, what instigators did to incite violence, who the militia members really were and how the Kenosha police stood idle.

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Activist Profiles – Stringer Harris

Stringer Harris has a proven track record as a community activist helping recover missing persons, to feeding the homeless, and even getting accountability from police for wrongdoing. Stringer is fresh from his own arrest as a member of the group protesting the wrongful death of Eric Lurry in Joliet, IL.

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frame from “Citizen Kane” saying "fraud at polls"

Election Fraud & Other Illusions

How conspiracy theory websites gave rise to a widely spread disinformation campaign apparently aimed at voter suppression.
There is disinformation, and then there are flat out lies. In the context of an election these deceptions are used to sway voters, and at the extreme, encourage apathy or discourage participation.

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