Meet Heather Stockwell, a force unto herself! She is an organizer and activist with Rights and Democracy (RAD) who activates citizens in understanding and defending their rights. She is a Bernie delegate from District 2 from New Hampshire.


1:40 Unpledged Delegates Don E. Ford and Heather Stockwell discuss what will come of the new unpledged delegates elected for Pete Buttigeig and Amy Klobuchar who have recently dropped out of the race. Heather plans to reach out to her neighbors and hopes to convince them to come to the Bernie team. Pete has 3 and Amy has 2 delegates from the New Hampshire election.


7:30 Rules for Delegates The DNC rules state housing for delegates should be equitable. Housing is supposed to be close the convention hall to facilitate participation, but room costs have tripped in some areas of Milwaukee. In 2016, room costs were high, contrary to the rules. This time around, some delegates are going to be housed more than an hour away.


12:02 The Role of Pledged Delegates Heather recognizes the role of pledged delegates in representing the voters of her district and continuing to engage with her community throughout the process. This includes helping people better understand her role versus an automatic delegate. RAD is a grassroots organization that works with national groups to educate more than a million people, teaching them how to get petitions on to local ballots. They help people get active with single issue concerns like housing, voting rights, and others. They are now expanding into multi-issue campaigns, recognizing the intersection of these issues. RAD is a nonpartisan organization that helps teach citizens how to challenge elected representation to better understand the issue and adopt it as part of their platform.


28:00 Contacting Likely Voters v All Eligible Voters Heather believes in contacting voters where they area, how they live. Her experience growing up in a conservative family where she felt hampered to talk about the issues she was drawn to in her youth. Heather feels like the party system polarizes a constructive conversation about policy and candidates. Heather eventually realized that she was more than just a passive observer. 

“It wasn’t until recently that I got involved with the party…I thought about leaving the party and eventually came to the realization that I identified as a Democrat for over 30 years but had never really gotten involved. So, I set out to do the exact opposite and got involved with #DemEnter instead of exit. I am glad I did on some level, but it is also completely frustrating at times.”


33:16 Heather talks about navigating the political rhetoric that divides “I think Pete talked about Bernie’s platform being inflexible…I really struggled with that because my whole experience being involved in this movement for the last four years has been a place where people encourage you to talk about your tension if you don’t agree or if something is really bugging you – speak out, speak up!”