Don E. Ford interviews a long-time DNC friend, Julia Bryant who serves as the global chair of Democrats Abroad.

Americans who live overseas are able to vote as ex-patriots in our elections. The process to cast a vote and join the tally is complex, but Julia explains it all here.

March 3 – March 10 and the global tally will be reported by March

Julia is a volunteer as are the in-country organizers for 197 countries. The difficulty for overseas voters to realign after candidates drop out is exacerbated for these voters even with digital communications available.

Working  outside the mainstream, this group is using simple technology provided by Amazon encryption with human tally counts and significant digital and real-time paper trails. This included early voting which began on February 19. The global tally ends on March 23.

They offer all campaigns to have one campaign rep  for each candidate at each voting center. The Sanders campaign put a representative  at 80 locations and all the reps helped demonstrate to ex-patriots matter and their votes are actively being courted.

For the general election, Dem Abroad votes are allocated to the states. These votes actually helped flip a critical state representative race in Florida from a Republican to a Democrat candidate. This year again, Dems Abroad will help  the overall vote totals in Florida. The 100,000 votes can make a difference and it means getting the votes out across the board.

In 2018, they used digital ads targeted to Florida voters to target specific states with voting information. They also assisted in helping make sure Florida votes were counted and instructing members on how to perform the proper checks with their county clerks to cure ballots. Phone banking and volunteer efforts also made a big difference.