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Digital Liberation Front  (DLF) is a media company run by activists with backgrounds in professional media production, investigative journalism, and a penchant for standing up for what’s right. DLF’s strong southern roots now reach across the entire United States to create a powerful voice for progressive causes and policy while connecting people across the globe. We cover the stories corporate owned media won’t and we do so with integrity and accuracy. 

DLF combats disinformation and works toward a common cause of fighting oppression through integrity of reporting and, occasionally, direct action. DLF lives our values by supporting progressive causes with professional streaming and production services, consulting services as well as video, audio, and graphic design services. 

We are the first true employee-owned media company and we are working to become the first wall-to-wall union shop in the nation.  


Original Programs

Hair of the Dog

An informal morning show that recaps the news of the night before with delightfully snarky guests, commentary and educational topics for the bleary-eyed progressive. Airs M-W-F at 10am Eastern

Rome's Rebellion

It's raw and on point when Rome Bethea discussed politics, culture and justice in the modern era. Rome doesn't mince words to center the truth and lays out the facts in a totally uncensored, free form style.

Digital Liberation Front with J. Brandon Johnson

Sharing truth and cutting the fiction across the digital airwaves, DLF hosts guests, topics and vigorous debate to dispel propaganda and myth, all with southern charm.


Progressive Programs, Policy

We discuss Progressive policy without the filter of corporate bias and use fact-based analysis for viewers to make informed decisions. 


Insight, Analysis and Strategy

Reporting with integrity and accuracy based on a solid framework  of extensive expertise and results.


Platform and Resources

We provide tools and resources to candidates and causes, sharing costs to create opportunities that elevate conversations across the whole.

“The people we cover may not always be famous, but their stores should be."

Our grassroots focus with national reach.

Connecting Community

services and Resources


Why Reinvent the Wheel?

We are committed to helping all boats rise throughout the movement. This is why we are happy to share our expertise, tools, and network partners who can assist in a variety of ways.

Our team alone is comprised of leading experts who have proven experience in strategy, organizing, communications, fundraising and technical skills. In addition, our nation-wide network of community organizers is extensive and trustworthy. If you are considering running for office, working on a ballot initiative or looking to make a difference in your local community, there is a good chance we know partners who can  help you change the  world.

You are the hero you have been waiting for. We can help you get there.

Video/Audio Editing

World-class video and audio editing for on-demand digital assets, including custom animation and advertising is available through one of our professional member partners.

Remote Conferencing and Webinars

We extend not only our digital conference tools, but experienced administration and active moderation to assist with remote communications. Additional on-demand video editing available.

Strategic Growth Consulting

Professional consulting for causes, candidates, and groups who have specific goals and need assistance to achieve success. Start off with the right funding plan, an executable plan, and an efficient model that is ideally suited to compete against heavily funded opposition.

We Help Shatter the "Grass Ceiling" for worthwhile causes

How can we partner together?

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Questions And Answers

We offer video conferencing support for 100 live attendees and up to 10 panelists with full Q&A moderation and live polling data using our Zoom account. We can live stream to your platform and provide you with the recorded meeting as well as the list of registered attendees. Meeting emails and notices include your branding.

Absolutely! From  an initial deep dive into your campaign, whether you are running for office or fighting to pass a ballot initiative, we have experienced staff  who have helped winning campaigns through a customized approach. We can also refer you to local champions you can trust to provide  you with good advice. 

Let’s be honest, some people in power stay in power by referring Progressives to outsource providers who aren’t necessarily fighting for you. We have seen it time and time again – from ballot access fights to polling, you should be working with Progressives just as committed to the movement as you are.

We certainly can. Lets talk about your needs.

No. Our reporting must be honest and we adhere to journalistic  integrity. Campaign communications and journalism are not the same thing and on this point  we  will not compromise.

Yes! We are fortunate to have a world-class audio technician on staff who routinely helps Progressives fix archived podcast file and on-demand video files.  If he cannot correct the  issue, it probably is not fixable.

Yes. We regularly publish articles and research from freelance writers. If we publish your work we will pay you for it. No writer should ever trade their work for a simple byline. Your time and talents are valuable.

Contact us! There are plenty of ways to help us and help the movement as a whole.