The New Darwin Awards – Death by Hoax

The irony is so thick, you can taste it. That the simple act of washing your hands and wearing a mask becomes the new Darwin Awards. How many times have I been in a public restroom in an airport or elsewhere, and seen people go to the bathroom and leave without washing their hands? How many times! So it’s really not hard to see why so many would fight wearing a mask, even just to go into a store.

Election Fraud & Other Illusions

How conspiracy theory websites gave rise to a widely spread disinformation campaign apparently aimed at voter suppression.
There is disinformation, and then there are flat out lies. In the context of an election these deceptions are used to sway voters, and at the extreme, encourage apathy or discourage participation.

Ravening in the White House

Barr and Wolf are on the cusp of realizing years of planning coming to fruition. Centrist conservatives and liberals wring their hands over legal controversy while Barr has his appointed loyalists in nearly every federal agency willing to play an active role in this usurpation of power. They are quite literally reshaping the national framework as we know it. They have spent decades preparing to implement authoritarianism and an end to what they view as a failed experiment of American democracy.

Abuses of Power in Policing and Relief from an Unexpected Source – Teachers

Additional training may not be the panacea protestors demand to fix the plague of police brutality across the country. In fact, after years of Department of Justice mandated consent decree remediation policies, few departments have demonstrated the necessary wherewithal to make new policies stick. The answer for effective policy and training shifts may actually come from an unlikely and yet highly trained force of professionals who tackle unruly and sometimes violent mobs without weapons or using deadly force – the American teacher.

Possible Criminal Charges Over Use of Military Helicopters, Chemical Weapons in D.C. and Congress Can Take Action

Congress has authority to act on the district’s behalf, including filing criminal complaints, just as any local city council or local legislative body can do for their citizens. This means that House Speaker Pelosi and other members of congress have the authority to file criminal charges. In fact, they are one of the few in authority with legal standing to do so.