April COVID19 New Evidence and an Update on Vaccine Work with Dr. Dylan Burdette

Dr. Dylan Burdette, PhD., is an experienced and respected virologist working with researchers on the COVID19 virus to understand its behaviors and mutations. As the global pandemic continues to affect every corner of the globe, researchers like Dr. Burdette are working together to share data and analysis to determine the virus’ pattern of behavior across populations and identify an effective cure.

The Truth About ACA, Health Insurance, and Access to Care

The Affordable Care Act (ACA / Obamacare) has been a polarizing issue since its inception and will continue to be so into the 2020 election. The ACA provides benefits for millions of American families, but the biggest winners, by far, are the private insurance carriers. Whether a candidate or their respective party argues in favor of ‘fixing ACA” or disbanding it altogether, know that they are both fighting to protect one group above all others – the insurance industry.