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About Kerri

Investigative journalist and editor, Kerri is also an award-winning writer and digital communication strategists. She has managed global teams and organizations from start-up through strategic growth with experience in all aspects of digital media and prior roles working in medical device and technology, individual and SHOP insurance, and contract law. In 2015 she was  selected for the Small Business Leadership Summit with Obama Administration officials tasked with helping deliver policy ideas to benefit small businesses.

Since then, she ran for office, managed several progressive campaigns for other candidates,  started several companies and helped others achieve legal standing as non-profit progressive entities, all while maintaining bylines at various independent media outlets dedicated to investigative journalism.

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About Andy

As a life-long musician, Andy has become a world-class audio engineer gifted with talent and drive to match. He produced and edited iTune’s top macroeconomics podcast, Macro n Cheese, on a 59 week streak, unheard of in the industry.

Andy is a retired union member in Canada and dedicates his professional time to supporting the Cancer Society as a member of the steering committee for Toronto’s annual ‘Relay for Life’ event and other Progressive media organizations, using his unparalleled talents to help produce exceptional original video and audio content.

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Featured Episode Special Guest Famed Civil Rights Attorney Ron Kuby

Ron Kuby is criminal defense and civil rights lawyer, radio talk show host and television commentator. He has also been involved in major civil rights case for the last two decades with famous and infamous clients and much of his work has protected.

Andy and Kerry press Ron for details on the criminal justice system and how it really works. Ron shares insights saying that defense lawyers are there to mitigate the risk mostly and that the system itself is focused on completion of the process, not necessarily justice. Kuby was featured in the Starz original series,“Wrong Man” focusing on the criminal justice system and the inherent inequalities we see today.

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